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Acne before starting first 3-day fastStep 1 Aaron's Acne Cure

This is a side view of my face before the cure.

Educate yourself about causes of acne and different levels of acne.

In my research on the causes of acne, I found many different theories about acne. Some of the theories for causes include:

1. Hereditary

2. Hormonal

3. Stress

4. Diet


Since I am cannot do anything about the first 2 causes, I decided to focus on the last 2--stress and diet, since these are 2 things that I can control.

I don't really feel stressed out or anything, so my entire focus went into the diet.

After reading the Ebook about acne (the link to this ebook will be listed in the Step 2) I came to the conclusion that my diet was the main cause of my acne.

Up until reading this Ebook, my diet consisted of a lot of high sugar snack foods, processed foods, sodas. I knew that a drastic change was in order since the main cause of acne is basically a yeast infection. And I'm sure you didn't know that the major contributor to growing yeast is sugar.

So, basically my diet was not only causing my acne, but also making it get worse every day.

By understanding the root cause of your acne, you can better develop your own cure to fix the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms.

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