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Sometimes the hardest part about acne is what you are left with after it has gone away. Acne scar treatment is another process that you must go through to thoroughly get rid or reduce any scarring. There are many different options that we will discuss to remove acne scars.

The 2 Best Acne Scar Removal Techniques
By Shane Jackson

Dealing with acne can be very unpleasant. For teenagers especially, acne can cause a lot of emotional and mental distress as their peers place a lot of importance on physical appearance. Fortunately, acne will cease to be a problem for most teenagers as they get into their early 20's. The acne will begin to fade away as will the taunting and the teasing that come with it. Unfortunately, the physical scars left behind by acne don't always fade away. Sometimes acne scars need to be treated before they too can fade away like our memories of the past.

There is help available for those who suffer from persistent and stubborn acne scars. It is possible to remove these acne scars and there are two main options available to do it. Both of these options involve removing the top layer of the skin.


The first option is dermabrasion. This is the process of removing the top layer of skin through the use of a rotating wire brush. The purpose of removing this top layer of skin is to allow the body to produce a new top layer of skin that will be smoother than the layer that was removed. It will usually take the skin somewhere between 10 days and three weeks to heal from this process. Depending on the severity of the acne scars, it may take multiple treatments to get to the desired results.

Laser Resurfacing

Much like dermabrasion, laser resurfacing removes the top layer of scarred skin but this is accomplished through the use of a laser instead of a scraping process. This procedure can be done in a dermatologist's office and does not require any hospitalization. Laser Resurfacing will, however, require a local anesthetic to reduce the pain of the procedure. Like dermabrasion, the severity of the acne scars will determine the number of treatments that will be needed and it will take several days for the skin to heal after each treatment.

Like all things, there are pros and cons to both procedures. The best thing you can do is to research both of them and determine which, if any, of them is right for you.

To be fully armed in the difficult battle against acne, there is no better weapon than a thorough education. Learn as much as you can about acne and you will be well on your way to clean and clear skin. To learn more, get instant access to my FREE acne treatment newsletter at

Article Source: The 2 Best Acne Scar Removal Techniques

Dealing with Scars

Many doctors will tell you that scarring occurs when you pick at your acne or squeeze pimples.

Well I'm here to tell you that I did not pick or squeeze anything and I was left with a ton of scars after getting rid of my cystic pimples. So don't be surprised that you end up with scars, even if you follow the doctors orders.

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The good news is that scars are better than pimples and that over time they do have a tendency to fade.

Microdermabrasion can help with scarring, as well as laser resurfacing. There are many over-the-counter face peels that also help to fade scars and improve the appearance.'



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