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There are many different types of acne. Some types can be very severe, requiring medical attention while other types are less severe and can be treated with over the counter creams and acne products. In determining the appropriate treatment for any acne problem one must start at the very beginning with the type of acne. Descriptions of the most common types are listed below.


Types of Pimples - The Most Popular Types and How to Get Rid of Them
By ]George Mitchell

What are the different types of pimples out there? Here is a quick look at the different varieties, and then an explanation of what can be done for any of them to heal yourself and most importantly prevent the acne from ever returning.

Obviously, the severity of acne, first and foremost, can vary from person to person. Some people might have one or two pimples they just want to get rid of, whereas others have lots of huge pimples, which really affect their appearance and self confidence.

The popular kind is Vulgaris, which actually is the name for a few different kinds of zits. Black and whiteheads, cysts, papules, pustules and nodules all fall under the umbrella of Vulgaris; aside from nodules and cysts, most of them are relatively harmless, albeit annoying.

These are the result of the pores getting completely congested, which basically causes the oil to get trapped, and the result is zits. These are generally the faster healing of the types of pimples.


This kind still isn't that severe, but generally takes longer to disappear than white. They come about when pores are not blocked completely, only partially; when this occurs the oil has to come to the forefront of your skin.


Papules are the next of the type of pimples to be looked at, and these are tiny red lesions. The important thing to remember is not to squeeze, them, which can result in a scar that will never go away.


Pustules are simply a whitehead that is inflamed. Like the last kind, if you squeeze it you can cause lasting damage to your skin, so don't do it.

Nodules and cysts

These types are bigger than the other kinds reviewed, and unlike those can actually hurt. Make sure not to squeeze either, which can cause some fairly serious negative skin effects. There are other more serious types of acne, but since these are the most often seen and experienced, these are the kinds I will review.

How do you get rid of these types of pimples? Well, many people say you should go to a doctor and have them prescribe something, but most times they will give you some unnatural medication to take which really does nothing more than put a band aid on the real problem.

What is the REAL problem?

Usually, acne is merely the result of unhealthy eating habits. When you make sure to get all your vitamins and minerals, and from the correct food sources, you should see your acne problems disappear altogether.

The solution

Try to consume whole foods that have not been processed; the key is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from fast food, potato chips, fried foods, dairy products, and meat as well.

Also, try and drink more water. Water tends to detoxify the system, and the more you drink the healthier you will become, and in turn the clearer your skin will be. Try and eat foods containing lots of fiber as well.

When you eat healthy, you don't have to worry about taking vitamins and supplements for your nutrition, because you will get just about all of it from your food. The one problem vegans have is getting B12, but this is easily rectified by taking Spirulina, a type of seaweed. Most health food stores should carry this, and you can always buy it online.

When you eat this way, you will see your pimples going away. This is why regular medications are not the answer for any of the above types of pimples-they don't treat the root cause, only the result.

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